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Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver Installation - Windows 8

This article describes the process to properly install the device driver for the Wifi BacPac in Windows 8. If you connect a powered on Wi-Fi BacPac and GoPro Studio does not show it in the Device Window, this article applies to you. Step 1- Turn off User Account Control (UAC) Instructions for Windows 7 Instructions for Windows Vista Step 2 - Confirm that the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed on your computer To check if the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed, follow the below steps: Click the... Read More »

How to Change the Default Start-up Mode on the HD HERO2 Camera

The HD HERO2 has a setting that lets you change the default start-up mode. By default, the HD HERO2 starts up in Video mode. You can set the camera to start up in Video or Time-lapse mode. Steps: Enter into the camera's settings menu by pressing the power/mode button to cycle through to the wrench picture. The wrench represents the settings menu. Press the shutter button to enter into the settings menu. Press the power/mode button until you see MORE on the LCD screen. This is where you can change the... Read More »

Wi-Fi BacPac Camera Compatibility

The Wi-Fi BacPac is compatible with both the HD HERO Original and the HD HERO2 camera. It is not compatible with the HD HERO 960 camera. The remote function of the Wi-Fi BacPac is compatible with the HD HERO Original camera. This allows you to remotely power the camera on/off, and start/stop recording. The smartphone application is not able to sync to the HD HERO Original camera, so live preview and mobile device functionality is not possible with this camera model. This feature is available with the HD HERO 2 camera.... Read More »

How to Prevent Waves or Distortion in Videos

If you are experiencing this wavy or distorted footage when using your GoPro during an activity where there is a large amount of vibration, it is most likely that a vibration is being emitted which is actually reaching the camera's sensor and causing the waviness. Depending on where and how you have your camera placed, there are a number of things you can do. For example, when placed on a roll bar, add a strip of rubber (i.e. from a bike inner tube) to dampen the vibration. With the curved or... Read More »

HD HERO2 Camera HDMI Cable Type

The HD HERO2 camera has the ability to live feed or playback recorded files to a television, or monitor via a 1.3a HDMI cable, with a Type C connection (mini HDMI) to Type A (standard HDMI) connection. *HDMI cable is not included in the HD HERO2 Edition packages

Underwater Wi-Fi Connection

The connection between the Wi-Fi Remote and Wi-Fi BacPac will be lost when either device is underwater, but the connection is automatically re-established once both are above water again.

Updating Camera Software for GoPro App Compatibility

In order to use the new features in the latest GoPro App update, it is requires to update your GoPro camera software. If you do not update your camera software you will get a message within the GoPro App that states: "Firmware Update Required". For information on how to update your firmware, see the following FAQs: HERO3 instructions HD HERO2 instructions

LCD BacPac Software Support

LCD BacPac + Original HD HERO Camera If you are using the LCD BacPac™ with the Original HD HERO camera, the most current camera software update is required and needs to be installed on your on your HD HERO camera. Click here to download and install the most current software version » LCD BacPac + HD HERO2 Camera If you are using the LCD BacPac with the HD HERO2 camera, the LCD BacPac is compatible with the HD HERO2 camera out of the box and NO software update is required. **NOTE:... Read More »

HERO2 - External Microphone Records in Mono Audio

External microphones connected to the HERO2 take approximately 5 seconds until they are properly recognized. If you start recording right away after connecting your external mic to an already powered on HERO2, the audio will be recorded with mono audio. You may also notice a "tearing" sound at the beginning of the clip. The best practice to ensure that this does not happen is to follow this procedure: Power on the camera. Insert the external microphone. After about 5 seconds have elapsed, begin recording.This will ensure that the audio is recorded... Read More »

Camera Compatibility with Battery BacPac

The HD HERO2 camera and the HD HERO Original camera are compatible with the Battery BacPac. The HD HERO2 camera will work with the Battery BacPac out of the box. A software update is required for the HD HERO Original camera to work with the Battery BacPac. To update your HD HERO Original camera software, please go to the HD HERO Original Camera Software Update page. Once you find the LCO/LCF option in your HD HERO Original camera's Settings menu, your camera should work with the Battery BacPac. Please note that... Read More »